Campaign Setting

Everyone will be starting out as a resident Fort Halidroc, a remote outpost in a mountain pass where the only natural feature of note is a large salt lake, about a mile long and half that wide. The official name is the Lost Sea, but locals call it the ocean. The border fort tends to be housed by political pariahs – individuals who have annoyed or pissed off someone in power. Most of you will be conscripts and the government will have some sort of leverage over you.

Life at the fort tends to be pretty dull and low key. While the outer wall of the fort is a massive wasteland rumored to be full of the remains of previous civilizations (obviously not great ones, or they’d still be around), there is little traffic other than the occasional desperate traveller or goblin trading party. The fort tends to get more supplies from goblins than from the government.

The lake is primary reason for the fort’s existence. The salt is said to have healing properties and is harvested and shipped back to refining facilities hub ward.


In this world, ignorance is rife. Characters do not start out automatically literate. Literacy (language) as a skill and specific to each language.

Magic is viewed with fear and mistrust. Most associate magical skill with some sort of demonic higher power. If you demonstrate spell casting power, you have obviously lain with the demons.

However, alchemy is widely viewed as a noble and worthy pursuit and there are many alchemical wonders in the wealthier parts of the world. Mages have been known to escape persecution by pretending to be alchemists – most people wouldn’t know the difference.


The fort is at the edge of the Hatrovian influence. Hatrovia is a massive city-state that is a center of trade for the continent. It is ruled over by the Prime Assayer and his Merchant Council. The dominant church in the land is Sovereign, the god of commerce. If you’ve got money or land, you’re part of the upper echelon of society. If you have neither, it’s all too easy to end up in debtor’s prison.


In this world, there is a multiple god pantheon and none of the gods are categorically of one alignment. They are higher beings and the same moralities that mortals follow (or don’t) do not apply to them. Every god will have a good AND an evil aspect, although some churches hide those aspects better than others.

Churches tend to be built worshipping a single god of the pantheon. Churches of different gods can be allies or rivals, and usually one church holds sway over a region (for instance the church of Sovereign is ubiquitous in Hatrovia with most other churches outlawed).

Minor miracles by priests are somewhat commonplace, and everyone knows someone who claims to have witnessed more divine intervention, but as far as most of you know, those are just stories.

The Lost Sea Chronicles at Fort Halidroc

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