The Lost Sea Chronicles at Fort Halidroc


A few of the conscripts have gotten to know each other on the Journey.

Daenyc. Years of travel have written themselves across the handsome face of this prelate of Sovereign. HIs skin burned by wind and sun, cloak stained by cookfires and drops of ink are soon explained as he tells of his years spent couriering holy messages between the vast holdings of the church of the god of wealth and commerce. To be found shuffling along as a manacled conscript headed for Fort Halidroc, whatever theocratic favor he may have enjoyed in the past has surely soured now.

Travin, a paladin devoted to the Goddess Dinawa


They are handed off to the custody of a large half orc and another fresh recruit Jek, a local at Fort Halidroc who just enlisted.

Rather than the usual raucous welcome that greets new arrivals, the newcomers are brought directly to Captain Isfahan, commander of the Fort. As the only non-suspects he has readily available the fresh arrivals are tasked with investigating the gruesome murder of Eridan, a conscript at the fort. The reportedly ritualized slaying occurred at a nearby salt mill the night before.

The group is briefly allowed to equip themselves from the conscript armory and offered the baths.



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