Campaign Traits

Feel free to tweak the story aspect of any of these traits to suit your character concept.

Black sheep – You have lived a life of privilege as part of one of Hatrovia’s ruling class. You’ve never seen eye-to-eye with your family and had a falling out. In fit of pique, you signed on with the border patrol and ended up here. The life of a noblemen never felt right to you. You have a few noble contacts in Hatrovia, but you have trouble getting along with most of the garrison. You’ll have to prove yourself before you’re accepted. You start with an extra 300 gp spending cash and get +1 knowledge (nobility) which is a class skill for you.

Criminal – You grew up in Hatrovia, living on the streets. You even started doing jobs for the Night House, Hatrovia’s thieves’ guild. You were caught and sent to jail, where you did what you had to to survive. Eventually you were picked when they needed conscripts for one of the border forts. You’re not sure how long your sentence is, or when you’re free to go. You have several contacts in the thieves’ guild and even a smuggler contact at the fort. You gain +1 intimidate, which is a class skill.

Debtor – You ran afoul of a Hatrovian moneylender, either for legitimate or illegitimate purposes. You were able to keep them at bay for a short time, but eventually you were declared unable to pay. The moneylender had you arrested and the judgment council ruled you were to be conscripted to pay off your debt. Your monthly wages are garnished 90% until the debt is paid. However, you anticipated the moneylender coming down on you and managed to squirrel away some loot, including items that have sentimental value, before getting arrested. You don’t know what the total debt is or how much you currently owe. You get +1 trait bonus to both Bluff and Appraise and can choose one as a class skill.

Dissenter – A family member or friend was treated unjustly by a noble and when there were no repercussions, you took to the streets in protest. Despite continued threats, you persevered and managed to cause trouble for the noble. They retaliated by getting you thrown in jail just in time for a round of conscripting. You were told your sentence will last several years and you hope your property will still be there when you get back. You gain a +2 save vs. fear and +2 vs. intimidate checks.

Fallen Hero – Your parents had connections high up in the Hatrovian military and you were given a high level officership. You were in well over your head and lost a major military engagement. Disgraced, you were sent to Fort Halidroc. Your military rank has little sway at the Fort, but you have managed to keep your own medium warhorse with saddle, bags, and other gear.

Foreigner – Fortune has never really smiled on you. You were an orphan and citizen of neighboring Kaladonia. You were conscripted, fought in a minor border spat between Kaladonia and Hatrovia, captured, and conscripted again in the service of Hatrovia. The specifics of the story change every time you tell it. Luckily, you have a knack for languages and your translation services are valued. You gain +1 Linguistics and two bonus languages.

Local – You’ve grew up near the fort – either a child of salt miners or one of the many families settled here providing some service for the garrison. You’ve always been about and have been a sort of fort mascot. You know the culture of the fort and goblin traders intimately. Gain the goblin language, and +1 knowledge (local), which is a class skill.

Scholar – You’re a bit of an odd duck and fascinated with the supernatural. You wanted to investigate the healing properties of Lost Lake for yourself. You were caught trespassing and were arrested. The Great Salt Co. stuck you in the fort until they can figure out what to do with you, and Sgt Greenleaf wanted you to earn your keep, so here you are. You start the game literate and gain +1 Craft (alchemy) and +1 Knowledge (Geography).

Volunteer – You grew up hearing stories of the Sovereign Templars taming the unruly wilds and bringing civilization to Hatrovia before nobly ceding all power to the Merchant Council. You dreamed of continuing their mission and civilizing unsettled lands, so you volunteered for border patrol. You get +1 to knowledge (religion) and knowledge (history) and choose one as a class skill.

Wildlander – You grew up in the “uncivilized” wilds East of the fort. You were part of one of the nomadic bands of tribesman that wander the Wilds and have garnered a working knowledge of the environs. Some mistakes were made and you’re not welcome back to your tribe, so for now you’re working as a scout for Ft. Halidroc. You gain +1 Survival, and +1 Perception and choose one as a class skill.

Campaign Traits

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